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Adding a retail cash register system to your retail store offers a number of benefits including the ability to check out your customers in a more efficient manner. Depending on the terminal you choose and the software that goes with it, you can also use these systems to help you track and manage your inventory more effectively. While today's POS terminals are fully computerized, the very first one was the mechanical cash register that was invented by James Ritty a saloon owner in Dayton, Ohio in 1879. His intention was not much different than that of the modern POS terminal in that it provided a way to keep both his employees and his customers honest.

The Latest Retail Cash Register Systems Offer Much More

While the very first system was a simple cash register, the latest terminals are far more advanced. While those intended for the retail industry are still connected to some form of cash register or cash drawer and are used to track money being taken in and products sold, this is where the similarity ends. These systems are fully computerised, feature an LCD touch screen for the cashier to use, are most often connected to a bar code scanner that is either built into a check stand, a handheld scanner or both and allow the cashier to scan prices almost as fast as they can move each item across the scanner.

With bar coded products and the right software, you are always assured of the customer being charged the right price for a product as the only way to change it is for the cashier or a manager to override the scanned price. Today's POS systems are designed to let you check on your sales totals at any point in the day and quickly access your end of day sales. Additionally since they are all connected to a centralised server, you can check and download all of this information from the computer in your office for later use.

The modern POS equipment has taken a lot of the error out of the retail environment and all but eliminated any chance of an employee being dishonest. Many of these units now incorporate a credit / debit card reader so that the customer can use either to make their purchases instead of needing to hand their card to the cashier, further improving the efficiency and making the entire experience better for your customers.

The Operating System Says It All

No matter how expensive the POS System you buy is or what peripherals it comes with, it is only as good as the retail cash register software package it comes loaded with. The right package will make it easy for your cashiers to learn to use, provide you with inventory control, and in many cases automatic reordering on high volume sales items. We have come a long way since the very first POS terminal built over 200 years ago.

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