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Computerlink Touch Screen Technology

Computerlink now offers Touch screen technology as a standard in all our Point of Sale solutions. The increased functionality and cost effectiveness make it ideal for the retail environment.

  • State of the art technology
  • Programmable Interface
  • Easy to use
  • Speeds up POS transactions
  • Eliminates transaction errors
7 day customer support

The Computerlink team strives to excel in the crucial area of customer support. Support is a key reason why our customers recommend Computerlink to others and is a key benefit they enjoy.

Our experienced Help Desk team directly supports Computerlink's products and is backed-up by our own in-house R&D team. Telephone support is available seven days a week.

Integrated PC-EFTPOS

Integrating your PCEFTPOS with your Computerlink system will reduce the double keying of EFTPOS transactions on a separate terminal. Since the sale amount does not have to be entered twice, once on your EFTPOS terminal and the other in your Computerlink system, the room for error and therefore the pain of reconciling two figures every day disappears.

  • Eliminate double keying
  • Reduce costly mistakes in EFTPOS
  • Save time in reconciling EFTPOS transactions
Customer Order Processing

Details about the customer are retrieved from the customer records including special discounts, standard delivery details, salesperson on the account, payment terms etc.

  • Discounts where applicable, are applied automatically
  • Orders may be altered at anytime
  • Products not in stock will be placed on backorder
  • Print quotations, proforma invoices and picking slips
Inventory Management

Track products by group, item, season, by store and supplier. You always know what you have in stock and where it is located in the store or in other stores.

  • Streamlined processes
  • Accurate inventory management
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Manage and control stock from the initial order to the final sale
  • Tracks sales trends for better buyer planning
Stock Receipting

With Computerlink Point of Sale stock is receipted into the inventory system with an invoice number, total and date. This increases the accuracy of your stock control and reduces the amount of discrepancies with the receipting of stock. A discrepancy in the price quoted at the time of purchasing or a discrepancy in quantity cannot be missed and easily highlighted.

Purchase Order Management

With Computerlink Point of Sale you can produce purchase orders, amend them where necessary, track them until the stock arrives, then reconcile the delivery dockets against the supplier invoices

An effective sales based re-ordering system is also available and ensures your stock levels are maintained at the correct level. The re-ordering feature also automatically creates a purchase order if requested. A purchase order can be edited many times before being submitted to the supplier.

Customer Control

The Customer module maintains a database of customers both current and archived. It holds a customer’s transaction history that facilitates the reproduction of customer invoices and statements at the click of a mouse button or the press of a keystroke, whichever you prefer. The stored history ensures you will never have a problem in reconciling a customer’s account.

  • Account History
  • Messages can be placed on a customer account, statements or receipts
  • Debt control is improved as slower payers and outstanding accounts are highlighted
Daily Close & End of Month Reports

The End of Day report and a banking report are run at the end of each days trading. These reports provide you with up to date information allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Speciality Features
  • EDI compliant
  • MYOB Interface
  • Touch Screen technology
  • Loyalty System
  • Download Supplier files
  • Web Shop Interface
  • On-line EFTPOS Interface
  • Outpost facility
  • On-line Help system
  • Genuine Windows
Computerlink Books

ComputerlinkBOOKS is the most advanced windows based application available for Booksellers today. With ComputerlinkBOOKS you will find it is easier to run your business on a day-to-day basis and ultimately improve your productivity and bottom-line.

Point of Sale

The Computerlink Point of Sale system offers full point of sale functionality while being simple to use, accurate fast and freeing up your sales staff so they devote more time to your customers.

  • Access products with ease
  • Preset "hot keys"
  • Flexible discount structure
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Professional looking tax invoices
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