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Keeping track of sales trends with ComputerlinkBOOKS, helps you plan your buying and increase your stock turnover. Track orders, customer backorders, and analyse supplier performance. You will always know what you have in stock and where it is. Your business will be easier to run allowing you more time to spend with customers and keep your business growing.

ComputerlinkBOOKS is an advanced windows-based Point of Sale system for booksellers. It incorporates a broad range of functions specifically designed to cater for a bookshop business helping you streamline, control, and report on all areas of your business.

The tracking, reporting and automation that ComputerlinkBOOKS brings to your business are all designed to improve productivity through improved efficiencies and savings through tightly controlled inventory and security. ComputerlinkBOOKS in your bookshop will save you time and money every working day.

ComputerlinkBOOKS caters for all business sizes from the small bookshop to large single stores, as well as multiple site businesses.

Point of Sale
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